Thursday, March 06, 2008

Harper Defends Obama's Lies

Canadian PM Stephen Harper seems to be doing his level best to ingratiate himself with whomever occupies the Oval Office next.

"This kind of leaking of information is completely unacceptable and in fact ... it may well be illegal," the prime minister told Parliament.

"It is not useful, it is not in the interests of the government of Canada, and the way the leak was executed, Mr. Speaker, was blatantly unfair to Sen. Obama and his campaign."

I believe the correct response to this is, boo-freakin'-hoo. Perhaps Obama shouldn't be lying to American voters about exactly what he intends to do if elected to the White House. And just maybe a Congressman shouldn't be acting above his pay-grade to engage in diplomacy with foreign governments when he has no authority to do so. He isn't even the nominee yet and he's acting like President.

Perhaps Harper should be expressing some righteous indignation that either Obama is lying to the people of America- or to his government.

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Anonymous said...

Senator Obama is under the illusion that he can play the same games that George W. Bush has been playing. Well, when Senator Hillary Clinton called the Congress a Plantation, she was nailing the nails into their coffin. Yes We Can Change Politics and Yes We Can Nominate the Only candidate who has been steadfast in preparing herself to follow the lead of the people. She has listened to U.S. and we are ready to follow her lead now.