Saturday, March 08, 2008

Taking Offence

It was reported that the RAF uniform ban in public in Peterborough was because service personnel had been subject to verbal abuse by a cross-section of the community, with special emphasis place on white thugs. Well, today it seems the RAF is worried, not so much about their servicemen and women, but about offending ethnic minorities.

“We’re aware of the sensitivities, for example, in some ethnic minority communities which is why we need to have a dialogue with local authorities and police if we don’t want to cause a problem,” the source said.

Of course the proper response is to announce loudly, publicly and frequently to "ethnic minorities" that if they have a problem with British service men and women they should get out of the country and move somewhere else where they won't be offended. And for anyone in the RAF to worry about "causing a problem" by wearing their uniform proudly is an outrage. Why are they bothering to pander to these people? The only problems being caused here are by those who are taking offence.

I tend not to use foul language here so I won't say what they can do with their offended attitudes.

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